A beauty routine for your skin, 100% natural and zero waste!

It is well known, going to the waste reception center is never on your top priority’s list. The recycling amount you have to handle from the household is already quite something, but when you add to that the shower-gel and shampoo bottles, it starts to weigh more than you want. We use shampoo and shower gel everyday, all year long and they last usually for about a month top. Now, to avoid having to recycle too much, why not try to turn your bathroom routine into a zero waste land of pure pleasure ? Good for the planet and good for your skin too !


Goodbye shower-gel, hello soap !

It’s not a secret, shower gels and such use a lot of not very eco-friendly nor skin-friendly ingredients. So why not try the good old soap ? It’s been here forever, it’s always been good to us, but trends change and this little fella got put aside for quite some time.

Easy to use, alone or with a shower flower (we love the foam !), it has a use expectancy of  6 months !

So there you have it, your yearly use difference : 12 to 13 plastic bottles against 2 soaps 100% natural and without any packaging to throw away.

There are so many amazing handmade soap companies on the market, and they often offer a full body range. It’s hard to resist trying these skincare products that are entirely natural and very efficient, so give it a go !


Cocooning : Sampoo with jojoba oil, for greasy to normal hair, www.cocooning.ch


Savons du Léman : Relax, relaxing body soap, www.savonsduleman.com


Douce Nature : Face and body soap with Dea sea mudd, olive oil and laurel, check your local bio shop or online bio shops