At Biotonique, we firmly believe that no matter how big a company is, if you’re lucky enough to have a platform to spread positive values and messages and help make a difference, you have to take advantage of it. Over time, we have created partnerships with several associations that take care of humans and animals, but also of the planet. We sponsor hives and support the development of ORGANIC crops to preserve the lives of bees; we regularly worked with Les Bonnes Fées to lead socio-aesthetic and wellness workshops.

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Our commitments are important to us, but so are small gestures: that is why we organize occasional donation campaigns to various non-profit associations. In the past, for example, we have donated to Movember and the Breast Cancer League. If you know of associations that are active in the fields of humans, animals or the environment, please contact us to share their information so that we will learn more about them!