Ayurvedic massage

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The mix of this alternative medicine with that of traditional Indian massage make Ayurvedic massage a real tool of well-being to allow the body and mind to refocus. It is known for its preventive virtues and its ability to promote the distribution of energies in the body. It is also a good draining massage and stress remover.

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Nadia is happy to put her knowledge and know-how to the benefit of your well-being, to make an appointment, contact her by phone below.

Relax and discover the benefits of Ayurveda

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Our formulas

Ayurvedic massage 60 min – 100 CHF
Ayurvedic massage 90 min – 150 CHF
Ayurvedic Massage – Back and Head – 45 min – 80 CHF

Tibetan bowls treatment

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A body treatment, meditative and therapeutic, a real inner journey that allows to find its center, to release tension, physical and nervous pain (stress, insomnia, anxiety …), to regenerate all systems in depth ( sleep, lymphatic circulation, digestion, immune system, joint flexibility, nervous system).

It is a very gentle sound journey, which can be accompanied by an energetic treatment or guided meditation.

A therapeutic, multi-instrument treatment, including drum, pitches, Tibetan bowls, Koshis chimes and others as well as my voice.

Essential oils and stones can also be used for harmonization.

These therapeutic instruments will take you on a gentle journey, all combined with different vibrations and pressures on the body to re-harmonize the different physical and energetic polarities at the body level.

Sound-meditative and therapeutic care through vibrations, sounds and touch

To make an appointment with Daniela ’41 (0) 79 870 70 10

Our formulas

Private care of about 60 min 120 CHF
Private care of about 90 min 150 CHF
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